Inaugural MITili Retreat

Friday marked the initial meeting of the Director, Deputy Director, and the MITili team in Dedham MA.


 Dr. Sanjay Sarma, Vice President for Open Learning at MIT's Office of Digital Learning.

Members of the newly formed MITili team met on Friday, May 20, to discuss the direction of the program. In attendance were: Dr. Sanjay Sarma (MIT VP of Open Learning), John Gabrieli (MITili Director), Parag Pathak (MITili Deputy Director), Joshua Angrist, Angela Belcher, Isaac Chuang, Eric Klopfer, David Pritchard, Mitch Resnick, and Matt Wilson; researchers Eryn Heying and Kana Okano; and staff members Lana Cook, Lisa Schwallie, Enrique Shadah, and Tom Smith.


 Dr. John Gabrieli, Director of the MITili Program.

Some of the issues tackled included the differences in brain development before PK-12 students are able to read, the learner's socioeconomic status, and educational policy. The team discussed investigating learning disorders and understanding what makes some students better learners than their peers. The theme throughout the day focused on the team's eagerness to tackle these issues and in a timely manner.