By: The Hechinger Report
Computers alone aren't making kids smarter, but some educational software does work.
By: Ann Trafton
Study finds infants try harder after seeing adults struggle to achieve a goal.
By: Office of Digital Learning
MITx course and internships help STEM professionals return after a break from the workforce to care for family.
By: Steve Nelson
Justin Reich is the Executive Director of the MIT Teaching Systems Lab, an Assistant Professor in the Comparative Media Studies/Writing department, and a Faculty Associate of the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society.
By: Chris Sweeney
"We’re trying to make digital learning the best it can reach massive numbers of people." - MIT President Reif
By: Office of Digital Learning
CLIx, created by MIT, Tata Trust, and TISS, is a new initiative that introduces technology to the classroom, preparing students to face 21st challenges. 
By: Elise Chen
Assistant Professor Justin Reich looks to transform educational settings by equipping teachers with the technology tools they need to best serve all students.
By: DeSteno, Breazeal, Harris
The human brain processes information through social interaction, which may mean robots will not be the teachers of the future. 
By: Erin Lee, Lincoln Laboratory
2017 LLRISE program helps high school physics teachers bring new lessons and activities back to their classrooms.
By: Anne Trafton, MIT News Office
Neuroscientists at MIT have discovered a brain circuit dedicated to retrieving memories.