MIT Integrated Learning Initiative

MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) funds, connects, and shares research investigating learning effectiveness. The research ranges, for example, from scans of individual learners in Brain and Cognitive Sciences to applying data analytics to understand the implications of policy decisions in Economics to almost every department at the Institute. Studies focus on one or more of three broad demographics: birth through pK-12, higher education, and workplace learning.

MITili aims to further the understanding of learning and education and use this knowledge to better enable students at MIT and learners around the world to reach their fullest potential. MITili:

  • Conducts interdisciplinary research, including fields such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, economics, public policy, and others;
  • Leverages new data sources, such as brain scans and big data from massive open online courses (MOOCs);
  • Marries theoretical and applied research, to ensure rigor and relevance.