Building a scientific understanding of workplace learning

Steve Nelson
learning sign

MITili is conducting research in collaboration with Accenture and Skillsoft to explore how employees in the workplace learn, with a focus on short instructional videos. Specifically, we are looking to scientifically investigate how to improve the effectiveness of workplace digital learning by measuring the impact of science-of-learning techniques thought to enhance learning that can be easily applied in the workplace learning environment.

The initial research study, started with Accenture in 2015, generated the first empirical evidence that interpolated testing enhances learning and long-term retention of the content of video training in the workplace. It also showed a positive correlation between interesting videos and trainee performance on recall tests, something that will be explored in much more depth in the upcoming year in an expanded study. Techniques that will be applied include online and in-person studies, as well as EEG and fMRI.