By: Steve Nelson
Louisa Rosenheck is a designer and researcher of educational technologies in the MIT Education Arcade and Open Learning. She manages the design, content, and development of educational games and simulations, and oversees the research on how games can be effectively used in both formal and informal educational settings.
By: Steve Nelson
The MIT Teaching and Learning Lab hosted another Speaker Series this afternoon featuring the Associate Dean of Faculty Development at Minerva Schools, Kara Gardner. If you’re not familiar with Minerva, it is a new type of higher education that provides students with more autonomy than the typical four year school.
By: Ortego Communications
Research scientists YJ Kim and Louisa Rosenheck sat down with ClassDissmissPod to discuss how game-based assessment could help educators measure curiosity and creativity. Listen here. 
Cynthia Breazeal, MIT Associate Professor and MITili faculty, talks about her initial love affair with robots and how they can interact with humans. Her work in social robotics is helping frame conversations with parents and children which enables development and intellectual growth.
By: Steve Nelson
The Digital Learning Consortium (DLC) brings together many of the world’s largest firms, most innovative platform providers, and top academic institutions in order to strengthen the digital learning ecosystem for professionals. This summer, they surveyed over 5,000 learners from 114 countries on a variety of digital learning issues.
By: Steve Nelson
Each year during the winter break, most campuses shut down and become ghost towns. MIT is different. For the students at this Cambridge campus, winter break is known as Independent Activities Period (IAP). For four weeks students, faculty, staff, and alums have a unique opportunity to organize, sponsor, and participate in a wide variety of activities.
By: Melissa Cao, MIT 2020
When I first walked into the room, I paused. Tables were split up with people grouped around each table, which held two foam tubes, a measuring tab, a rubber cube, and an instruction sheet. I was puzzled and frankly quite surprised, as I had been to multiple xTalks in the past, but none like this.
By: Steve Nelson
Jeff Dieffenbach is the Associate Director of the MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili). Prior to joining MIT in that role, he worked in strategy, product management, business development, sales, and marketing roles for a range of traditional and digital education companies.
By: Amelia Taylor-Hochberg, MCP '19
It can be hard to find time for self-reflection and consideration of one’s role in the greater world, especially this time in the semester. Luckily, attendees of Deepak Chopra’s xTalk on Dec.
By: Jeff Dieffenbach | MITili
Aided by nearly 80 Masie Learning 2018 conference participants, an MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) research team explored neuro-synchronization--the extent to which physiological states such as attention and immersion synchronize--or don't--when individuals work together to perform a task.