By: Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office
Attending preschool makes children significantly more likely to go to college, according to a study led by MIT economist and MITili Associate Director Parag Pathak.
By: PKG Public Service Center
From educational workshops to foster student interest, to providing meaningful hands on internship experiences, Mbadika supports youth all across Boston. Read more
By: Laura Rosado | MIT News correspondent
Beyond writing, Ji has done research in math, physics, and economics, sung in an a cappella group, co-chaired advocacy groups and math mentorship initiatives, and taught as a TA, volunteer mentor, and MIT-Italy GTL instructor.
By: Katherine Ouellette | MIT Open Learning
An early love of solving puzzles and problems for fun piqued Herasymova’s initial interest in mathematics. When she later pursued her PhD in mathematics at Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Herasymova’s love of math evolved into a love of research.
By: Zach Winn | MIT News Office
Learning Beautiful makes tactile materials to inspire hands-on learning for kids between the ages of 3 and 9.
By: Becky Ham | MIT Media Lab
The goal has always been to share the tools and knowledge of synthetic biology with the widest possible audience, moving beyond molecular biology researchers to artists, engineers, and social justice advocates, among others.
By: Duyen Nguyen | MIT Open Learning
The students, who call their study group İleri Çalışmalar, or “Advanced Studies,” are paving their own road toward doctoral-level studies — with MIT OCW as their main resource.
By: Adam Zewe | MIT News Office
Experts in MIT Open Learning built a curriculum for three general types of military personnel — leaders, developers, and users — utilizing existing MIT educational materials and resources.
By: Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Built on recent advances in machine learning, the model predicts how well individuals will produce and comprehend sentences.
By: Sarah Costello | School of Science
The MIT Science Bowl Club high school invitational returned to campus after two years of online events.