By: MIT Open Learning
Google and MIT RAISE, part of MIT Open Learning, announced today a free Generative AI for Educators course.
By: Peter Dizikes | MIT News
New research by MIT economists shows school quality ratings significantly reflect the preparation of a school’s students, not just the school’s contribution to learning gains. Read more
By: Katherine Ouellette | MIT Open Learning
The Itz'at STEAM Academy curriculum framework is based on the core pillars of social-emotional and cultural learning, transdisciplinary academics, and community engagement. Read more
By: Katherine Ouellette | MIT Open Learning
March is National Reading Month, our MIT Open Learning experts shared their favorite books based on cutting-edge learning science research. Learn more
By: Meghan Burke | Registrar’s Office
Professors Berggren, Campbell, Pollock, and Vaikuntanathan are honored for exceptional undergraduate teaching. Read more
By: Sara Feijo | MIT Open Learning
MIT OpenCourseWare’s YouTube channel inspires millions of learners across the globe to expand their knowledge and develop new skills for free. Read more
By: Steve Nelson | MIT Open Learning
Millions of learners from around the world have used MIT Open Learning — including MIT OpenCourseWare and MITx — to start, switch, or advance their careers. Here, we share some of their inspiring learning journeys.
By: Sandi Miller | Department of Mathematics
For the fourth time in the history of the annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, and for the fourth year in a row, all five of the top spots in the contest, known as Putnam Fellows, came from a single school: MIT.
By: Steve Nelson and Yvonne Ng | MIT Open Learning
MIT has always embraced their inner geek. We have an acapella group called the “Logarhythms” (get it, logarithm). So, it’s not surprising that MIT is absolutely in love with the date March 14. For most, it’s just another day, but at MIT, March 14 or rather 3/14 (sometimes also written 3.14) is a genuine celebration.
By: Callie Ayoub | Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mini-UROP program connects first-years with graduate students and postdocs for enriched learning. Read more