By: School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
"This prize honors instructors in our school who have demonstrated outstanding success in teaching our undergraduate and graduate students. These great educators, who are nominated by students themselves, represent the very best academic leadership in the school."
By: Shigeru Miyagawa | Meghan Perdue
As colleges and universities return to in-classroom teaching, what practices that emerged during the pandemic will carry over? Shigeru Miyagawa and Meghan Perdue offer some answers.
By: MIT News Office
President L. Rafael Reif acknowledged the difficulties of the last year before charging graduates with creating a better world in his 2021 Commencement remarks.
By: Anna Babbi Klein
For Gabrielle Finear, a senior studying computer science, working on two startup ideas in MIT Sandbox provided hands-on learning to complement her coursework.
By: Kara Baskin
Elite colleges and universities can affect massive social change not just by providing access, but by promoting inclusion and rethinking how they measure achievement.
By: Kate Stringer
A number of pervasive myths surround online learning: that it’s isolating, that the quality of instruction is innately lower than in an in-person classroom, or that it’s only for those who can’t succeed in traditional educational settings. Enter Abigael Bamgboye, an online learning enthusiast.
By: Raleigh McElvery
Just a few months after the Covid-19 pandemic took hold, Alan Grossman was already mulling over an idea for a new class to help people make sense of the virus. As head of MIT’s Department of Biology, he was aware of the key role fundamental research would play in the coming months.
By: Eliza Berg
“We can’t do this alone - that is why we are inviting youth organizations, education providers, and other cross-sector leaders to join us and support young problem-solvers all over the world.” - MIT's Alex Amouyel.
By: Daniel Ackerman
MIT's new effort, Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education (RAISE), will develop new teaching approaches and tools to engage learners in settings from preK-12 to the workforce.
By: Kristina Chen
MIT is hoping to tackle climate change head-on. One strategy is educating and empowering the next generation, “who are inheriting” the problem of climate change and “must ultimately solve it.”