By: MITili Staff
The MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) awards nearly $200K to innovative MIT research on the science of learning and learning effectiveness. The MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) has selected four projects to receive grants t
By: Duyen Nguyen | MIT Open Learning
Michael Pilgreen believes in taking risks and investing long-term — especially when it came to his education and career. Finance and computer science courses on OpenCourseWare gave him a solid foundation. 
By: The Picower Institute
Just before school was out for summer, high school students from Everett and Lawrence toured life sciences research labs at MIT to get information and inspiration. 
By: Lexi Schweinert
A group of six MIT students, called the MIT Spokes, are on a 3,800 mile cross country bike trip. “It was originally started as a goal of biking across the country while spreading STEM education along the way,” said MIT student Robert Henning.
By: Leah Campbell | Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
While everyone struggles occasionally with finding the right word or tripping over their sentences, aphasia patients can lose the ability to comprehend language entirely.
By: Duyen Nguyen | MIT Open Learning
MIT Refugee Action Hub event convene learners, activists, and educators from around the world in storytelling and collaboration.
By: Katherine Ouellette | MIT Open Learning
In collaboration with education provider i2 Learning, MIT RAISE offered teachers free professional development sessions prior to teaching the material.
By: Nicole Estvanik Taylor
“The Libraries, MIT Open Learning, and the MIT Press are a powerful trifecta representing a value that MIT holds dear, about the power of knowledge and information openly shared to be a positive force.”
By: MIT News Office
“As you strive to hack the world, please try to heal the world, too,” MIT President Reif told graduates.
By: Stephanie M. McPherson
Supported by a grant from MITili, the AttentivU project is designed to help students improve their ability to focus on a given task, such as homework.