By: PKG Center
The IDEAS Social Innovation Challenge helps students hone their entrepreneurship skills to create viable ventures for public good. Read more
By: Katherine Ouellette | MIT Open Learning
Developed by MIT RAISE, the Day of AI curriculum empowers K-12 students to collaborate on local and global challenges using AI. Read more
By: MIT News
MIT faculty and staff authors have published a plethora of books, chapters, and other literary contributions in the past year. The following titles represent some of their works published in the past 12 months.
By: Carolyn Tiernan | MIT Open Learning
The Jameel World Education Lab (J-WEL) at MIT Open Learning awarded the first Frontiers in Digital Learning awards, a new grant program that curates, activates, and shares insights from MIT Open Learning Digital Learning Lab (DLL) researchers with the world.
By: MIT Horizon
Reflection is an important part of managing the learning process. It is also potentially useful for helping you integrate new knowledge with your prior experiences, creating a deeper, more flexible understanding. Read more
By: Blueprint Labs
Differences in school choice by race contribute to school segregation and unequal access to effective schools. Conditional on test score and district of residence, Black and Hispanic families consistently choose schools with fewer white and Asian students, lower average achievement, and lower value-added.
By: Jordan Silva | Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program
UPOP uses experiential learning to bolster students’ professional development and teaches them effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in an interactive environment. Read more
By: NBC News
With help from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Harvard, and the Florida Center for Reading Research, MIT is preparing learners by helping them become better readers. The Reach Every Reader initiative was recently recognized for their work in North Carolina schools.
By: Jane Halpern | Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Christopher Wang, a senior in EECS, shares his favorite study spaces, how he discovered theater at the Institute, and what he'll miss most. Read more
By: Kimberly Tecce | Department of Mechanical Engineering
The all-volunteer student-run bike shop, founded by graduate student Bianca Champenois, provides repair and maintenance services, emphasizes hands-on learning, and promotes sustainable transportation. Read more