New blended learning program aims to build faculty capacity to teach data science and machine learning and involve up to 500 students over three years.
By: Suzanne Day
A novel computational model that considers how users have been conditioned to think about race might facilitate training for teachers and students.
By: Abby Abazorius
Having technology in the classroom is all well and good, but teaching them how to use it in ways that will shape the future world is essential.
By: Lindsay McKenzie
Looking for best practices developed through research but tired of doing all the reading? MIT has developed just the thing for you. 
By: Emily Makowski
When students work on real-world problems they retain what they've learned better and also replicate what life is like after school. Why aren't more schools taking this learning approach? 
By: Michelle Ma
MIT's Blakeley H Payne has developed a curriculum to teach junior high students about algorithms and their effects. 
By: John Urschel
"By high school, none of my teachers questioned my mathematical talent, but none of them really encouraged it, either," MIT's John Urschel.   
By: MIT Solve
MIT Solve will award Solver teams who address the world's most pressing issues, including a prize for fostering prosperity and social mobility through STEM education.
By: Michael Page
Each year MIT students become the educators - on the road. Eight students will travel over 3,500 miles by bike stopping to spread science lessons to rural areas in the US. 
By: Steve Nelson
Three years ago in May, fifteen members of the MIT community set out to create a space at MIT that would help change education and promote learning science on campus.