By: Elizabeth Durant
The MIT Class of 2022 will have a slightly different learning experience than their predecessors. How can colleges improve learning experiences with subtle changes?
By: Emily Tate
See how MIT's Yoon Jeon Kim, a researcher in assessment science, helps schools create better assessments for measuring critical thinking and curiosity.
By: Emily Tate
MIT's Louisa Rosenheck is researching ways to assess "all the things we say we care about" - for example curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. 
By: Jeffrey R Young
Listen as MIT Open Learning's Sanjay Sarma talks about online learning and education research with the EdSurge Live series.
By: Elizabeth Durant
New senior associate dean and OEL director says opportunities for experiential learning are abundant at the Institute.
By: Liz Jukovsky
The studio will bring professionals and faculty together to innovate new uses for XR, while the Lab will investigate the impacts of these technologies, focusing on learning, simulation, and cognition. 
By: Mary Beth O'Leary
What better way to make education more fun than to have students design a toy? 
By: Stephen Noonoo
MIT's Sep Kamvar helped create Wildflower, a Montessori school in Cambridge that uses cameras and sensors to track student movement.
By: Liz Jukovsky | MIT Open Learning
MIT School Access and Quality Summit brings policymakers, educators, and researchers together to examine strategies and ways to measure effectiveness.
By: Anne Trafton
MIT neuroscientists are hoping to use new findings to improve neural networks' ability to store previously learned tasks while learning to perform new ones.