By: Steve Nelson
The MIT Integrated Learning Initiative (MITili) awards over $400K to innovative MIT research on the science of learning and learning effectiveness.
By: Stefanie Koperniak | MIT Open Learning
Researchers and educators gather at MIT to discuss how to meet the educational needs of a new learning society.
By: Kelly McSweeney
Congrats to the MIT faculty members who won this year's digital learning and innovation prizes!
By: MIT Media Lab
This year's group features a COO working to improve first-generation college student education readiness, a mayor financing scholarships to triple the number of city students entering, and a professional skateboarder. 
By: Madelaine Millar
"Our motto is inclusiveness," says Khalid Mustafa, the IT director of the Timothy Smith Network. "Too often we have all these rules that filter people out. How do we invite people in?"
By: Stefanie Koperniak
This month MITili and the McGovern Institute teamed up to convene researchers and educators to help close the gap in education between what scientists are studying and what practitioners are doing.
By: Cassidy Villeneuve
Dr. Amy Carleton has students prepare science communications for Wikipedia to help them understand the material, but also to communicate it in a way that all people will understand. 
By: Elizabeth Rust
Using ScratchJr, an intro programming language co-designed by MIT and Tufts, toddlers are learning to code as early as nursery school.
By: Materials Research Laboratory
Participants are selected on the basis of their teaching experience, statements of interest, and plans to incorporate their research experience into their teaching.
By: Daysia Tolentino
See how this year's Goodwin Medal winner for excellence in teaching sets herself apart in the classroom.