By: Adam Conner-Simons
At the MIT AI Summit, many participants wondered if our K12 education system is preparing students for the jobs of the future.
By: Courtney Lesson
Part of effective education is having good mentors in place. MIT's Baglietto, Saxe, and Shoulders demonstrate that for grad students. 
By: Eva Charles Anna Frederick
A revolutionary educational project in the 1980s put the tools of computation in students’ hands — and foreshadowed even greater changes.
By: Tara Swart
MIT's Tara Swart talks about the importance of a good night's sleep if you want to have peak brain performance. Learning is retaining information and that's very hard to do when you're asleep at the wheel. 
By: Stephanie M. McPherson
“You have to jump in and learn by trying things, by making the mistakes that everybody makes the first time they try to solve problems,” says Anette “Peko” Hosoi. 
By: Clare Wilson | NewScientist
Each of our brain cells could work like a mini-computer, according to the first recording of electrical activity in human cells at a super-fine level of detail.
By: Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
Technique could be used to detect light or electrical fields in living tissue.
By: Steve Nelson
At a recent symposium, MIT Open Learning invited experts to discuss the power of VR and AR tools to drive engagement with education.
By: Duyen Nguyen
With 169 attendees in 2017-2018, the TSL’s playtests bring to life the lab’s mission of making teacher education as innovative and engaging as student learning.
By: Chuck Leddy
MIT's pK-12 Action Group collaborates with the Chinese International School to bring faculty, staff, and students together for hands-on learning.