By: Duyen Nguyen
With 169 attendees in 2017-2018, the TSL’s playtests bring to life the lab’s mission of making teacher education as innovative and engaging as student learning.
By: Chuck Leddy
MIT's pK-12 Action Group collaborates with the Chinese International School to bring faculty, staff, and students together for hands-on learning.
By: Chuck Leddy | MIT Office of Open Learning
Learners from around the globe now have enhanced access to “blended” master’s programs at MIT and elsewhere.
By: Eliza Berg
Last weekend MIT Solve announced the eight selected solutions from a group of finalists for the Teachers and Educators Challenge. 
By: MIT Open Learning
MIT's Refugee Action Hub (ReACT) is now accepting applications for its one year certificate program. The program allows young refugees and displaced persons an opportunity to restart their careers.
By: Daniel de Wolff
“We’re interested in how to ensure our robots adapt to those cues and, over time, from interaction to interaction, use that information to provide appropriate learning materials for each individual child," says Dr. Park
By: MIT Open Learning
Agarwal is recognized for making education more accessible to people around the world, via edX open-source online platform.
By: Ellen Rosen
Community colleges across the country, with the help of companies and research institutions like M.I.T., are beginning to shape their curriculums to expose students to new theories and technology. 
By: Meg Murphy
MIT’s new project-centric cross-departmental program, the New Engineering Education Transformation (NEET), uses a hands-on approach to apply systems engineering to real-world projects. 
By: J-PAL North America
The New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee will partner with J-PAL to explore an evaluation of the state's early college high schools, which aim to increase college preparation.