By: Courtney Lesoon
Mentors are a valuable part of student learning. Congratulations to this year's MIT Committed to Caring award recipients for going above and beyond to connect with students.
By: Zain Humayun
“I was interested in leveraging technology to improve the students’ learning experience,” MIT's Alex Shvonski, a postdoc in physics and a Digital Learning Lab fellow.
By: Anne Trafton
Can we control attention using brain waves? What would the classroom implications be for those students who have trouble focusing?
By: Rob Matheson
Babies are able to understand some basic laws of physical reality. A new model registers “surprise” when objects in a scene do something unexpected. The work could be used to investigate infant cognition.
By: MIT News Office
MITili affiliated faculty member Eric Klopfer joins five others from MIT, recognized for his work to make education more effective. 
By: Rob Matheson
At the MIT AI and Future of Work Congress, speakers spoke about ways education policy should focus on all levels of education, not just college degrees.
By: Stefanie Koperniak
In an effort to help state and local education leaders improve enrollment systems and address some of education’s most substantial challenges, MIT has launched the MIT School Access and Quality Fellowship Program.
By: Laura Carter
The mission of the MIT-Africa initiative, an Institute-wide effort, the principles of which help guide MISTI-Africa, is to seek mutually beneficial research, education, and innovation.
By: Elizabeth Durant
Check out MIT's First Generation Program which helps ease students into college life with other first-gen students.
By: MITili
Through generous help from our MITili supporters, we've had a large impact on education effectiveness. Read our Impact Report to see what we've been up to this year!