By: Adam Zewe | MIT News Office
  Computer science and economics have always had some overlap, but as more market exchanges take place in online systems, the fields have become inseparable.
By: Michael Blanding
An app, dubbed Story Maker, is just one of a number of innovative new learning applications MIT’s Aikawa has helped students create as part of an interdisciplinary collaboration fostered by the Programs in Digital Humanities.
By: Stefanie Koperniak | MIT Open Learning
“We find that the tremendous, lifelong learning opportunities that MOOCs provide are even more important and sought-after when traditional education is disrupted.” – MIT’s Mary Ellen Wiltrout
By: Emre Ergecen | Office of Graduate Education
“GAAP programs are a great first step toward providing the mentorship necessary for students to feel empowered and confident about their graduate admissions journey — particularly those historically underrepresented in graduate education.”
By: Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
Researchers have identified education level and amount of time spent on intellectually stimulating activities as factors that help prevent dementia.
By: Brigid McMahan | MISTI
In a recent panel discussion, experts describe opportunities for equality and equity. For example, the pandemic has set back recent progress, and it looks like Brazil may be returning to levels of education from 10 years ago.
By: Jane Halpern
Now in its 19th year, the WTP brings high school students with little STEM experience to Cambridge for an immersive, four-week exploration of all things engineering.
By: Daniel Korsun | Office of Graduate Education
Throughout the pandemic, numerous faculty members have stepped up to support and guide their graduate students in unique and impactful ways, through efforts such as championing diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.
By: MIT Open Learning
“K-12 students across the country will have the opportunity to learn about artificial intelligence, MIT-style — that is, through hands-on activities that will demonstrate the part AI plays in their daily lives.”
By: MIT Open Learning
Social robotics and artificial intelligence pioneer will oversee business units and help to guide innovative learning initiatives.