By: Eliza Berg
MIT Solve provides research teams an opportunity to work together to tackle the biggest challenges, including early literacy. Congratulations to all of this year's winners including the Boston Children's Hospital Early Literacy Screening System. 
By: Susan Rosevear
High school students learn valuable STEM instruction during the MIT summer Women's Technology Program.
By: Peter Coy
In an MIT report on the future of work, researchers suggest "countries that make well-targeted, forward-looking investments in education and skills training should be able to deliver jobs with favorable earnings and employment security to the vast majority of their workers."
By: Nicole Estvanik Taylor
MIT's VP for Open Learning, Sanjay Sarma, talks about how the Institute is working to create better educational outcomes through rigorous research.
By: Arthur Grau
Congrats to MITili affiliated faculty member Chris Caplice! He and his team have done great work in education research, including through MITili.
By: Anne Trafton
“We think there is a reasonable possibility that mindfulness training would be beneficial for children as part of the daily curriculum in their classroom,” Dr. Gabrieli, MITili Director. 
By: CBS News
Join MIT's Cathy Drennan as she discusses her dyslexia and how it motivates her. 
By: Matt Mahoney
MIT Open Learning has filmed one petabyte (that's one quadrillion bytes) of instructional video. 
By: Laura Carter
Teachers and mentors really have an impact on education. Check out MIT's summer biology research program!
By: Anne McGovern
Students wow visitors with a flurry of races and demonstrations during the program's signature final event.