MITili team conducts research at Masie Learning 2017 conference

Steve Nelson
learning 2017

Members of the MITili team in conjunction with the MIT Gabrieli Lab conducted an experiment at the Elliott Masie Learning 2017 Conference in Orlando, FL this week. They spent two days with participants using a small EEG headband to record brain waves which can detect the amount of focus a learner has. In this case, the learner was watching an eight minute video about cyber-security. The participants were then asked to take a post-test the following day on the material to see how much they had retained.

A variable was added to the experiment to see which type of learning video would capture the best post-test retention. One video was played at normal speed, a second video was played at 1.5 speed, and finally the third video was normal speed but interspersed with distraction tasks off topic from the original video. 

MITili will release detailed results of the experiment in coming weeks. There were over 150 participants tested and over 120 responses to the post-test. Preliminary results suggest that learners were more focused and scored better on the distraction video.