Converting zombies into learners: Improving MOOC learner retention

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Prof. Caplice and his team have categorized MOOC learners into three distinct groups: Leaners, Voyeurs, and Zombies. The learners watch lesson videos and complete work for grades, the voyeurs watch lesson videos but do not complete some work for grades, and the zombies neither watch videos no complete any graded work. The percentages of these learners are roughly 5%, 25%, and 70% respectively. The objective of their research will be to reduce the number of zombie learners, and reduce the number of learners dropping out of MOOCS through the design, development, and implementation of a range of tools and techniques. The main goal will be the development of a prediction model to estimate learner dropout rates based on student behavior.

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Chris Caplice, Eva Ponce
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Center for Transportation and Logisics