Enhancing learning via 'novelty insertion': Employing the neuroscience of learning to create more effective pedagogical approaches

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Research in neuroscience has revealed compelling novelty-department modulation of the mesolimbic dopaminergic system. Professor Sinha and his team will use various course modules from the MITx library to insert short novel clips on diverse, unusual topics derived from a variety of sources such as NASA, PBS, and National Geographic. Students will be asked to provide a rating for how engaging each video was, as well as measured for heart-rate and performance scores corresponding to each module. Data will be analyzed to determine whether videos with ‘novelty insertions’ result in higher engagement and improved learning.

Video Summary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeFINYPFBWw

Pawan Sinha, Annie Cardinaux, Riccardo Barbieri, Hossein Nejati
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Sinha Lab