Meta-LAD: Designing an adaptive dashboard improving online learners’ metacognition as well as cognition

Date Completed

While Learning Analytics Dashboards (LADs) have been widely studied and implemented to improve learning and teaching experiences, most of these LADs are limited to only providing information on learners’ prior performance without actionable feedback. Such LAD designs lead learners to be more focused on earning high scores on tasks which is not necessarily equal to learning knowledge and skills. These performance-focused designs can even demotivate learners by making them feel behind.

The main goals of this team’s research are (1) developing the Metacognitive-Learning Analytics Dashboard (Meta-LAD) which could identify learners’ profiles and personalize its metacognitive feedback to them and (2) improving learners' metacognitive skills and performance in the CTL SC0x course through the Meta-LAD.

Eva Ponce
Lab Name
Center for Transportation and Logistics