Research exploring virtual experiences and learning (REVEAL)

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VR in itself does not “create” better learning. VR creates new opportunities for learners to represent and interact with ideas, and expands the reach of the classroom. To optimize the affordances of VR, Klopfer and his team will consider two central questions: (1) When does VR enable more effective learning than traditional methods of presenting biology and Business As Usual (BAU) experiences (2) How might we understand how and when to use VR for different types of learning experiences?

The study will focus not only on whether VR is an effective tool but also on the topics where learning gains are the greatest. The current research has established the “proof of concept” that VR can help learning. This study will improve learning effectiveness by understanding instructional differences in learning among VR and traditional instruction.

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Eric Klopfer, Meredith Thompson, Shane Tutwiler, Rik Eberhardt
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The Education Arcade